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Sometimes after a Global Dyad Meditation we invite the participants to take some integration time and do Intuitive Writing.

The group sharings of what showed up during the Writing have been so nourishing that we decided to start a Blog and share with all of you.

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Von einem Ort der Stille aus, was taucht auf? (English below) May 09, 2024

von Bianca

"Bis bald!", "à bientot!", "See you soon!", sagte das Häschen namens Angst.


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Life, what do you want me to know? Apr 09, 2024

by Surati

A blossom on the Tree of Life
So fragile and transient
Just for this moment
Not for eternity

Or would you like...

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What wants to be appreciated now? Feb 09, 2024

by Elena Greenbury

The tender heart.
The love of Life.
Truthful living.
Awareness, my constant companion.
The Spirit that...

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Self Care, what does that mean right now? Feb 04, 2024

by Elena Greenbury

Let me come to you with open, empty hands.
Let me come with an open heart so that you may fill me...

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What does Life want me to know now? Feb 02, 2024

by Elena Greenbury

Dare to be me!
Jumping through the hoops of time, traveling into the Great Divine
Oh I love this...

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Sicherheit. Unsicherheit. Jan 31, 2024

von K.

Das Geländer, an dem ich mich entlanghangle,
eine schmale Gratwanderung,
eine unsichtbare Linie,

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Tell me what truth is Jan 26, 2024

by Joel Silberman

truth is a pen, a shadow, a breath

truth is what is here now,
the river flowing,
a splash, a crash,

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Was möchte mein Herz mich jetzt wissen lassen? Jan 06, 2024

von Anja Kolberg

Ich bin da. Ich bin da mit allem, was ist.
Ich bin da. Nichts kann mich umstoßen.
Ich bin da. Ich...

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Hier bin ich! - Here I am! Jan 02, 2024

von Bianca

Liebe Seele,

da ich Leben bin,
bin ich ein Geschenk,
egal wie ich mich zeige.

Sei es als Irritation oder...

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What is Life Asking of Me in This Moment? Dec 25, 2023

by Joel Silberman

Notice the filter between this moment and your reaction to it.
The filter is optional.
Let it be in...

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Was, wenn die Dunkelheit das größte Geschenk ist? Dec 22, 2023

Von Anja Kohlberg

Was, wenn die Dunkelheit in mir das größte Geschenk ist? Das, was ich nicht als Geschenk...

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How does love see you? Dec 09, 2023

by Adrienne

Love is here within.

What else is there?

There is only love here.
There is only a heart full of love.


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What does the Heart want? Dec 09, 2023

by Dianne Scott

This Heart.

This place of stillness and joy and love and angel's wings, wants for nothing.


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What now? Dec 01, 2023

by Adrienne

What wants to be expressed now?

The feeling of sadness is still here.
It still wants to be seen and felt....

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Tell me who I am Oct 21, 2023

by Joel Silberman

I am the one who experiences everything - the sensations and the stories,
the pauses and the flows,

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Being here now, what wants to be expressed? Aug 29, 2023

by Surati


This speaks to the coming and going of images, sensations, stories,...

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Conversation with the Heart Aug 18, 2023

by yvonne unger

Q (yvonne): Heart - here I am. So grateful to be here. With you. Feeling excitement and joy. Teach me...

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Dein Herz / Your Heart Aug 17, 2023

by Kerstin Halt

Ich schlage mutig und geduldig und ich warte auf dich.

Nimm dir die Zeit die du brauchst. Ich werde...

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What does the heart want me to know? Aug 09, 2023

by Surati

It will all sort itself out.
It is simple.
Let the mind be informed by the heart.
Heartfelt beingness.


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Raum halten Aug 03, 2023

Von Anne Wendorff

Sei der Raum
Der heilige Raum
The holy room
L'espace sacrée

Dehne dich aus
In die Unendlichkeit

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