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Sometimes after a Global Dyad Meditation we invite the participants to take some integration time and do Intuitive Writing.

The group sharings of what showed up during the Writing have been so nourishing that we decided to start a Blog and share with all of you.

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An Expression of Love Oct 02, 2021

by Melanie Gussmann

Life wants me to know that eveything is ok
All is well
All expression is an expression of love
The more words you know the better and clearer you can express yourself When your intention is love it will entlighten the dark spots,

even if your vocabulary is limited
Love can use...

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Slow down Sep 27, 2021

by Cyndi Krupp

I give my willingness ONLY for Truth…

Guru – What is most useful Now?

Slow down to below the speed of thought

Slow it down even further

Thinking is Highly Over Rated

And no longer useful to you on your path.

Today your assignment is simple and you will find that it is...

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Remember / Erinnere dich Sep 27, 2021

by/von Kerstin Halt 

Deutsch unten

Connection is the need

that holds everything together. 

The need to connect
holds the energy we need to connect.

This need gives you focus.
Let your heart and your awareness
opening up.

This need is knocking
on your door;
not to suffer,
but to...

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What does love want me to know today? Sep 19, 2021

by Britta Reinecke

I can feel that you are in doubt today.
You are not sure of the "amount"

and/or the "quality" of love in you.
I want you to feel safe and comfortable - you are good enough just the
way you are - in every moment.
Your love is "good enough" and it is sufficient.
Take it easy and let...

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What does the I AM want me to know? Sep 15, 2021

by/vonKerstin Halt

Knowing what there is now,
is knowing what there is always.


Experiencing YOU is

experiencing everyone.


Stepping out of the world
is not possible.

YOU are the world.
The world does not exist.
The world is you conscious knowing.


Sitting in YOU
is sitting in open...

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What does my HEART want me to know? Was möchte mein Herz mich wissen lassen? Sep 08, 2021

von/by Katharina Vetter

Liebe wächst singend in dich hinein, wenn du mir lauschst - tief hinein

Love grows singing into you, if you listen to me - deep inside

Lass dich sinken, lass dich treiben

Let yourself sink, let yourself drift

Der Morgen kommt, wenn du es nicht erwartest.

The morning...

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What does my heart want me to know right now? Sep 01, 2021

by Kerstin Halt



Trust my dear.

Find your presence

over and over again.


Presence is the birthplace of the future

presence is the place where the past can heal


Meet your needs there

Meet your love there

Meet your gratitude there

Meet your strength and your hope there


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What does my heart want me to know right now? Aug 26, 2021

by Swami Narayanananda

I want you to know that I am here, that I hold you

I want you to know that I need nourishment, I need to be acknowledged

I want you to know that calm is there all the time

Breathe and connect with me and healing can flow

I can open, I can unfold

I can connect with those...

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You don't have to change Aug 15, 2021

by Kerstin Halt

You don't have to change

to be loved

You don´t have to heal

to be loeved

You don´t have to be fixed 

to be loved

You are enough.


Beautiful light


feel your vulnerability

your softness

and your tenderness


allow your breath

to soften your...

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Showered with Love Aug 04, 2021

by Sylvie Hörning

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Letting go Aug 01, 2021

by Kerstin Halt

Letting go

is releasing resistance


Releasing resistance

is Awareness



is sensing the moment


Sensing the moment

is touching



is getting closer


Getting closer

is feeling connection


Feeling connection

is trusting


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What is most useful to know now? Jul 27, 2021

by Melanie Gussmann


as always

and forever

Love is the only ever present conscious presence

Nothing else ever existed

nothing else ever will exist

Love is eternity

Love is free

Love is you and love is ME

Love created time - to know you are unlimited

Love created space - so you know you are endless


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