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Sometimes after a Global Dyad Meditation we invite the participants to take some integration time and do Intuitive Writing.

The group sharings of what showed up during the Writing have been so nourishing that we decided to start a Blog and share with all of you.

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What does presence want me to know? Jan 07, 2022

by Sylvie Hörning

Be yourself
Be kind to yourself
Give yourself time to be creative, to sleep,. To be sick, to go for walks in nature.
Give yourself permission to fail, to not be perfect.
Give yourself TIME
Sing, laugh, enjoy the present moment, NOW, NOW, NOW if it is painful, scary,...

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Strength is the energy of your heart Dec 30, 2021

by Kerstin Halt

Strength is the energy of your heart.

This energy is so strong -
that it is able to keep you alive.


To be alive and to live is the strongest act for your heart.
Feel this life-force inside your chest.


Strenght is nothing you have to ask for.
This force is always...
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when peace arises Dec 28, 2021

by Kerstin Halt

when peace arises
my mind gets still

when peace arises
my soul is very present

when peace arises
my being becomes hole 

When peace arises
my breath is connected
when peace arises
my body is vibrating still and wide
when peace arises
my ears can hear the birds


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Der Himmel ist hier Dec 28, 2021

von Claudia Bucher

"Das Lied ist nach einer Dyade mit dem Satz von Roberts Tex entstanden: „Mach Platz für das Sehnen im Herzen deiner Einsamkeit.“ Für mich hat sich dabei ein großer shift ergeben, nach dem Motto: es ist nie zu spät eine glückliche Kindheit...

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From an open heart Dec 18, 2021

by Joel Silberman

Be as you are.
Notice the subtle energies, the details.
They are letters in an alphabet - shapes, different patterns, different sensations - moving in waves, swirls.

Watch it move.
Is it up high or down low?
Is it moving across the chest and shoulders?
Are there blockages,...
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Im Mitgefühl ruhen Dec 15, 2021

von Anja Kolberg

Im Mitgefühl ruhen, was ist jetzt bereit losgelassen zu werden?

All meine Ansprüche, meine Dramen loslassen, einfach so mutig sein. Mutig zu sein für die Leere, die dann entsteht. Dieser tiefe Frieden des Nichts.

Einen Raum öffnen für alles, was sein...

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From your heart just be! Dec 15, 2021

by Isabella M. Oswald

From your heart just be! 
There's no right or wrong. Maybe a bit of hesitation. 
What's the right decision? 
Take a risk! 
Die Zukunft ist nicht kalkulierbar. 
You know there's a lot of heart in it. 
It might be worth to...
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The Meaning of Life / Der Sinn des Lebens Dec 11, 2021

by Kerstin Halt (Deutsch unten)

When you trust life
you trust yourself

When you trust yourself
you are in your power

When you are in your power
you know what you want

When you know what you want
you go for it

When you go for it
you achieve it

When you achieve it
you have confidence

When you have...

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What does your highest intention want you to know? Dec 04, 2021

by Joel Silberman

Dyad invitations are doorways.
They are fingers pointing at the moon.

See how your mind and body respond.
All responses are OK.
Allow them to be exactly as they are.
Let your curiosity grow.
Your awareness will deepen as the details emerge, shift, flow, change.

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Was möchte meine Höchste Intention mich wissen lassen? Dec 04, 2021

von Aylah

Sei du selbst und lebe deine Wahrheit die DU BIST !
Du bist so wertvoll und ein Segen für die Menschen und die Welt...
Vertraue dir - du bist in jedem Moment geführt und geborgen.
Erlaube dir DEIN SEIN !
Ja, ICH sehe deinen Schmerz in deinem Herzen, wenn du Trennung begegnest,...
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Divinity Nov 28, 2021
by Kerstin Halt
Divinity is bringing clarity
Open your heart
trust your inside
Embrace the change.
Stand on your feet.
Drop your fears.
Give space a chance
let truth reveal
in this endless wheel
of judging
and misunderstanding
Divinity is bringing clarity
Shining light
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