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What does Life want me to know now?

Feb 02, 2024

by Elena Greenbury

Dare to be me!
Jumping through the hoops of time, traveling into the Great Divine
Oh I love this sweet heart of mine.
Sensing the dawning of a new reality;
Leaving behind the old and the worn,
Dragging the body that's tattered and torn,
Into the birth of a brand new Sight
Oh my what a delight!
Skipping and twirling as light as can be
Oh what a great sight it is to See!
Sensing and feeling the love all around,
Held by grace I hear a sound.
It's not with these ears I tell you now,
The sound in me is all abound.
I am the note and the melody;
I sing it to all who gather with me.
Together we stand steadfast and firm,
Into the realms of eternity.
Held by the One who birthed us in Love
How can we falter, how can we fail
It's only when we believe in the illusory veil.
Standing here it's clear to me,
I live and abide only in Thee.
There you are so am I;
There's nothing here for me to hide.
All the woe’s wherefores and whys,
Are to keep me in the lies.
As I sit right next to Thee,
You're more of a friend than I am to me.

Thank you.