Heart connections with conscious people around the world

Open-hearted people around the world are gathering in a transformative free online meditation practice, called the Global Dyad Meditation



The Global Dyad Meditation Project provides a safe platform to connect with other people from all over the world for a meditative inquiry on a daily basis in real-time, one-on-one, for free.

The meditation itself creates a sacred space by two people being present with each other. This powerful 40 minute practice in pairs has a specific structure that supports people to connect directly with their own divinity and inner wisdom, while sharing this with their partner in the process.

Direct experience

What participants say

Dr. Linda D., Ph.D., USA

"The greatest awakening."

Jacqueline, South Africa

"Meditation on my own can be a struggle, but Dyads allow me to touch into depths and parts of myself I didn't know were even there."

Andrea S., Germany

"My life has changed completely since I am doing dyads."

The benefits

Not just a new meditation


The Global Dyad Meditation is not just a new way of meditating. It is actually a skill building process that helps you to be more present with yourself and others.

The Global Dyad Meditation

  • supports connection with deep inner levels
  • helps you to access your own inner wisdom
  • creates an intimacy you normally don’t allow in daily life
  • enhances mutual inspiration and compassion
  • has a deep transformational and healing effect

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