Global Dyad Meditation


Heart connections with conscious people around the world


... Meditation on my own can be a struggle, but Dyads allow me to touch into depths and parts of myself I didn't know were even there. ~ Jacqueline, South Africa
… The greatest awakening… ~ Dr. Linda D., Ph.D., USA
 ... My life has changed completely since I am doing dyads... ~ Andrea S., Germany


Welcome to the Global Dyad Meditation Community!

Open-hearted people around the world are gathering in a transformative free online meditation practice, called the Global Dyad Meditation. 

The Global Dyad Meditation Project provides a safe platform to connect with other people from all over the world for a meditative inquiry on a daily basis in real-time, one-on-one, for free. The meditation itself creates a sacred space by two people being present with each other. This powerful 40 minute practice in pairs has a specific structure that supports people to connect directly with their own divinity and inner wisdom, while sharing this with their partner in the process. 

The Global Dyad Meditation

  • supports connection with deep inner levels,
  • helps us access our own inner wisdom,
  • creates an intimacy we normally don’t allow in daily life,
  • enhances mutual inspiration and compassion
  • has a deep transformational and healing effect.

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Join us for free daily online dyad meditations. 

Once you signed up, you will receive an invitation and a LINK to a free INTRO CLASS which happens every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month. 

What participants say 


"… I love how close I feel to everyone on these calls …"
~ Kaja H., Opera singer, Australia
"… a transformational process…"
~ Josanne, Nurse, Canada
"… remarkably calming and centering …"
~ Dr. med. Nancy B., Canada

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