Global Dyad

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What wants to be appreciated now?

Feb 09, 2024

by Elena Greenbury

The tender heart.
The love of Life.
Truthful living.
Awareness, my constant companion.
The Spirit that moves through me, from me,  and embraces me.
Grace that shows itself whenever I remember, and whenever I let go.
All that is given and the inner knowing of my True Home.
The rawness.
The inner child that I sometimes forget to nurture.
The blossoming of the tree that bears its fruit for the Whole.
The sun that wraps its arms around infinity.
The neverending flow of Life.
The giving of the joy that bursts through this channel and lights up every step of the way.
The hand that holds.
The voice that whispers its sweet melody even in the darkest of moments.
The kiss that wipes away the tears that quench the earth of its dry and dusty path.

Thank you.