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Tell me what truth is

Jan 26, 2024

by Joel Silberman

truth is a pen, a shadow, a breath

truth is what is here now,
the river flowing,
a splash, a crash,
signal and noise,
light and darkness,
leaving and returning home

truth is what is alive now,
an energy pattern that can only be felt in the moment

truth is when the stereogram pops into a third dimension;
complexity and texture are revealed;
energies move like wildlife, dancing, moving in waves, crackling, popping, fizzing, integrating,
able to sense and integrate any pattern,
able to savor and find the gift in anything, even the supposedly intolerable or unlikeable

truth is an eruption, a quiet moment,
a sky, a cloud, an eagle, a raindrop

real or imagined, the parade of experiences is the whole of truth;
important and unimportant are equals;
believed and not believed are partners;
opposites and third ways coexist - they are part of the same ocean - they are the ocean - inseparable and whole, complete

wisdom throws away nothing

truth embraces fear as much as safety,
the muddy and the clear,
the comfortable and supposedly uncomfortable

truth doesn't chase away stories, nor does it fall for their limitations

truth can't be pinned down, yet it is everywhere;
just feel it;
it is existence itself, the divine wholeness that is everything,
total unity,
a mirror reflected back in a mirror, echoing in infinity

Thank you.