EMBRACE đŸ’„Spiritual NVC | TRAUMA | DYADS | HAVENING - An 8 Week Online Program 2024

"This course is a game changer for everyone who does not only want to think about spirituality, but embody it." Yvonne

This 8 Week Online Program is a spiritual approach as an awareness practice.

You will deepen your spiritual practice with TRAUMA Healing Techniques, different meditation practices as well as powerful exercises that help you to reconnect with your essence, support you to communicate from your heart and allow you to thrive. 

When: When ever you like. The classes are prerecorded and once you registered, you get access to the recordings.

These are the modules: 

Module I: The highest form of intelligence is the ability to observe without evaluating which eventually opens your heart  to love. 

Module  II: Healing from trauma. You receive tools to work with intense emotions, get an understanding of the neuroscience of your survival mode and what trauma is and how to heal from it. 

Module III: The Divine is present in us. Who are you? What do you really want? Your calling, your soul's purpose?

Module IV: Soul expression. Surrender to your inner guidance.   

How: You watch the classes and are free to join a telegram group to find a practice partner to do the exercises and deepen and integrate your experience. 

How much: Because I actively want to support people in becoming trauma informed, trauma sensitive and over time trauma integrated, I offer the heart program of mine to a price that is affordable for anyone interested.

You can choose to pay between USD 377 (my preference)  / USD 177 / USD 77 for the entire 8 week program according to your circumstances. 

Your host,


Simone Anliker is a CNVC certified Trainer for Nonviolent Communication, a certified Havening Techniques® Trainer, a certified NARM® Trauma Master Practitioner and author of "The Power of Dyade Meditation - A New Way of Meditating in Times of Loneliness and Social Stress"

Participants VOICES: 

"I have taken part in tremendously many NVC courses. This one is special though. And it's even deeper to me than NVC. I have gotten to know my own spirituality, I learned new tools to deal with little and big trauma, I meditated, met with soul buddies for practice and feel (now, after the course) free, connected on a deep deep level with my Soul and Heart. This course met my need for connection, inspiration. It is sooooo great. The topics are interesting, Simones energy is incredibly soothing and deep to me. I am beyond grateful for have taken part in this course and I do recommend it so much." Ada

"This course is a game changer for everyone who does not only want to think about spirituality, but embody it. Simone merges different disciplines and approaches with the purpose to get in touch with who you truly are. I was astonished how the combining of NVC, trauma healing and nondual teachings brought a deepening in understanding, but first and foremost helped to integrate parts of me that hadn't been seen or healed so far. In a nutshell, this course brought healing to me, gave me a solid foundation of knowledge and practical tools and exercices to share with others. I'm more than grateful to Simone and all the buddies that have been on that journey with me." - Yvonne

"Your effective exercises, dyads and meditations have brought me into contact with my qualities of being, which I have always carried within me and can now really feel. I am living more and more out of abundance. I feel my inner wealth, which I have received from God and appreciate with gratitude. I feel in me the divine source of life, which is always bubbling and flowing out.
It is a wonderful feeling to let the divine power and love flow through me.
I am very much looking forward to our continuation course.
Warm greetings
Brigitte đŸ„°