Supporting The Dyad Process

Supporting The Dyad Process 

with Robert Gonzales & Simone Anliker
RECORDING of April 9, 2020

This course focuses on connecting with the deeper purpose beneath the dyad process.

- Dyad practice as a way of discovering new potentials in meeting in the space with another being. 

- To cultivate true presence, with oneself and with another. Opening to vulnerability and witnessing with open curiosity.

- Relaxing into the mystery of this moment of awareness, opening beyond the veils of separation. 

Often we talk about staying in integrity to the practice, but what does this really mean?

This course supports you to reconnect with the life inside the dyad meditation process itself and clarify reasons why it's a powerful spiritual practice to integrate into daily life.

We opened with a meditation guided by Robert, some sharing on the above by Robert and Simone, a dyad, and questions & answers.

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With love and blessings,

Simone Anliker  & Robert  Gonzales 

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