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What now?

Dec 01, 2023

by Adrienne

What wants to be expressed now?

The feeling of sadness is still here.
It still wants to be seen and felt.
It is disappointment.
It is an ‘I can’t’ feeling.
It is helplessness.
Helplessness wants to be felt.

There is a surrender to helplessness.
There is a surrender to disappointment.

Sadness can stay and be my guest for as long as it wants to.
They are all my children, hiding behind the bushes, wanting to be seen and embraced.

So come, children.
Come to me.
You are all welcome here.
All of you.
I love you all.
You are all lovely.
Come and tell me all about it.

How it has been with you.
How it was when you were rejected.
How it hurt not to be heard.
How glad you are now that you can freely come and visit.

Come and visit as often as you need to.
I love you all.
I welcome you all.

Come and help me feel to the bottom of my heart.
Come and break my heart open so love can come out more easily.
Break my heart open.
No more hiding in dark corners.
Come into the light.

I want to welcome you all.
I want to see you all.

It’s okay now.
It’s safe now.
I can cope with it now.
It’s not as hard as I thought it would be.

Every feeling is welcome.
Even fear.
I am not afraid of fear.
I feel I am strong enough now to look fear in the eyes.
Can I? Can I stay and not run away?
When I realize that there are only sensations and thoughts, then I can.
There is fear of injury. Fear of feeling unwell.
But nothing remains here forever.
I have to go through the fog of fear.
Even that fog has an end.
No experience lasts forever.

There is nothing to be rejected or pushed away.
Who would do that anyway?
The body?
Or a thought?
Nothing can be pushed away.

The present moment is here only for a moment then it’s gone.
Another moment takes its place.

They are all children with different faces.
Smiling timidly as they come forward.
They are not sure that they will be accepted.
But I love them all with all my heart.

You can come now.
All experiences are welcome.
Anything goes.
No-one will be rejected.

Thank you.