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What is most useful to know now?

Jul 27, 2021

by Melanie Gussmann


as always

and forever

Love is the only ever present conscious presence

Nothing else ever existed

nothing else ever will exist

Love is eternity

Love is free

Love is you and love is ME

Love created time - to know you are unlimited

Love created space - so you know you are endless

Love created everything and yet is free of attachement

Love is beauty even though you find it in uglyness too

Love is Oneness even though you suffer from seperation

Love is allowing everything to exist as love chooses to be exactly like this

Love is the answer to every question

even though in love there is nothing to ask for

Love reaches out to you

even though you yourself are Love

Love is all around and yet the mistery never found

Be still and know

Be Love and shine

be you and MINE