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What is Life Asking of Me in This Moment?

Dec 25, 2023

by Joel Silberman

Notice the filter between this moment and your reaction to it.
The filter is optional.
Let it be in awareness; that's all that's needed, and the spell can break itself.

Once you know how the magic trick is performed, you can't unknow it.

Zoom out.
Connect to life.
Listen to life, whatever it's saying right now.

The wind howls.
A metaphor forms in imagination: internal and external weather.
Patterns, sensations; mingling, integrating, connecting, growing.

Life serves life.
When you see control as optional, freedom appears.
When you see judgment as optional, blockages can join the bigger flow of life, feel the current, and maybe even get unstuck and drift freely into the infinite.

Watching thoughts.
Noticing the speed of writing and the current pattern of muscular contractions and releases.

The body bobs and weaves slightly, finding its balance with lightness, freedom, and something a little like joy.
The breath feels different, more nuanced, textured, three-dimensional.
The neck stretches, and now the waist.

A memory flashes into awareness out of nowhere and the body cringes.
A passing storm.
Honoring its passing, the body feels something like compassion, something like acceptance.

Life doesn't discriminate.
It is unshakably itself and tells me I am life, too: an open vessel, capable of unshakable equanimity, whether the water is choppy or still.

See the big picture.
Feel the spaciousness of reality.
Everything belongs:
Good, bad.
Judged or not judged.
Loud or quiet.
Return to this moment again and again, as if you've never left.