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What does the heart want me to know?

Aug 09, 2023

by Surati

It will all sort itself out.
It is simple.
Let the mind be informed by the heart.
Heartfelt beingness.

I’m here, maybe covered by narratives running wild, but still here, not going anywhere!

Take time out from this crazy ride.
Lay down your fears -- you can pick them up later if you really want to.

Meanwhile, curl up in my lap and rest; let yourself go and be held, carried, supported.

Remember the innocence of childhood, the carefree life, the meadow full of flowers.
Being so present, so supported, so trusting.

You don’t have to sort it out.
It will sort itself out.
Step back.
Put reigns on the mind and lovingly guide it back to the heart.

Thank you.