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What does my heart want me to know right now?

Sep 01, 2021

by Kerstin Halt



Trust my dear.

Find your presence

over and over again.


Presence is the birthplace of the future

presence is the place where the past can heal


Meet your needs there

Meet your love there

Meet your gratitude there

Meet your strength and your hope there

in this place of presence


Give your past to this healing place

Let it sink into light.

Feel it in your body

breath through the pain

the future is born through the redeemed past

through the energy of love and light


Nothing will be as it was


Go and step in

by stepping out


Let it die.


Trust my love.

Stop fighting against stories of your ancestors.


Stay present.

Be with loved ones.

Find your soul companions

and real friends -

looking in the same direction.


No holding on to

no wanting

just staying.



Staying in presence.

Staying in connection

where true love will happen

where true love IS.


Trust. You are not alone.

Enjoy the change.


Thank YOU.