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Messages from within

What does my heart want me to know right now?

Aug 26, 2021

by Swami Narayanananda

I want you to know that I am here, that I hold you

I want you to know that I need nourishment, I need to be acknowledged

I want you to know that calm is there all the time

Breathe and connect with me and healing can flow

I can open, I can unfold

I can connect with those around,

I make a way through every barrier

I want to remind you to breathe deeply and remember me

When you are gripped by thought and by reaction and by fear

Breathe deeply and connect with me,

Feel me respond with a wave of warmth and care that extends to all

Resources are unlimited if you will only open to receive

I want to give love to those who protect you,

Who work so hard to keep you safe in every sense

How good those parts are, how much they now need rest,

I shower them with love and acknowledgement and appreciation

I say to them, relax. All is safe. He is safe

Relax and dream of how you will create and express yourselves

Transformed, released from the work of protection no longer needed

At ease, at home, in acceptance.

Om Shanti.