Global Dyad

Messages from within

What does LOVE want me to know?

Jun 30, 2021

by Kerstin Halt

Sweet and bitter

that´s the change


sink into it

allow it

but don´t fight it


Sometimes life is close

and sometimes

open space is closer


Everytime you

reject this being

of no feeling,

no sensing

and not seeing

you reject 

this part 

in between


This missunderstanding,

this lack of intention

this loosing the trail

is the pause

in between


In between breathing

in between heartbeats

in between moments

in between thoughts


Just be still

feel this no existance

in between

this melting of air

this smell of sweet lemon


Just sink into this moment

of full emptiness


No tomorrow

no past

not even the now.


Just a glimps

of  existance


No need to change

no need to be brave

no need to accept

no need to be wise


without doing anything

you will rise.


Thank you.