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What does love want me to know today?

Sep 19, 2021

by Britta Reinecke

I can feel that you are in doubt today.
You are not sure of the "amount"

and/or the "quality" of love in you.
I want you to feel safe and comfortable - you are good enough just the
way you are - in every moment.
Your love is "good enough" and it is sufficient.
Take it easy and let go - you don't have to work (so) hard to "produce"
a better kind of or more love.
All is well. You are in the process - development is taking place in its
own pace, its own rhythm, its own steps and stages.
You can be quiet and calm down - all is well, everything is unfolding
the right way.
You don't have to force anything, neither the speed nor the quality, to
reach a certain gole.
There is none! It's just life and experience. Nothing complicated, no
drama, something simple and easy.
Yes please, smile at it! You can feel sure and held - geborgen.
I am there - for you. I am here - wherever you are.
A warm, cosy sensation, to nourish you until your need is fully met.

Thank you.