Global Dyad

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Tell me who I am

Oct 21, 2023

by Joel Silberman

I am the one who experiences everything - the sensations and the stories,
the pauses and the flows,
the motion and the stillness.

I am the one who contains all things.
I am awareness.
I am joy and pain,
breathing and gasping,
focusing and relaxing into openness.

I am the one who is - and the one who is not,
all thoughts and no thoughts,
believing and not believing.

I am the one who is carried away - and the one above the fray.
I am the light and the darkness.
I am the sound and the silence.

I am the lamp and the tree,
the neuron and the neurotransmitter,
the atom and the galaxy.

I am what arises out of stillness - and what is mired in blockages.
I am judgment and freedom from judgment.
I am love and peace,
and hate and war,
but above it all I am loving awareness;
like gravity, I am always here, whether I notice or not.

The orchestra is playing - the orchestra of awareness:
The senses and the projections and imaginations - all playing together in a symphony;
It is here now.
Relax and listen.
And all that's left is amazement.
That anything exists at all is a mystery, a gift beyond all comprehension.

Drink deeply from the cup of awareness.
Savor the now.
Relax into the pregnant pause of this moment,
the dark and wonderful birthplace of all things.

Thank you.