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Slow down

Sep 27, 2021

by Cyndi Krupp

I give my willingness ONLY for Truth…

Guru – What is most useful Now?

Slow down to below the speed of thought

Slow it down even further

Thinking is Highly Over Rated

And no longer useful to you on your path.

Today your assignment is simple and you will find that it is not “hard”

And the more you practice the more enjoyable it will become….

Slow Down

Sink into Awareness


Embrace all in Love

Begin always with embracing any limited identification with a separate self cyndi. Be aware of her encased in love – feel the embrace.

From this embrace see her view of the world – her fears, judgements, her attempts to figure things out.

Let the Field of Love into all of that and from there – always from there….

Notice her View… what is she looking at? What is she thinking? Does she judge another as separate?  More than? Less than?

Where does she think something has to change for her to be OK?

Just notice and embrace

Pull the blanket of Love in closer.  Let it touch everything – no exceptions.

Be opened to be surprised and delighted today

All is well

You are the Love that you Seek

Thank you 😊