Global Dyad

Messages from within


Jun 15, 2021
By Jennie Sze
What position is comfortable?
The at ease position is comfortable.
Sinking into relaxation, all sensations melt away.
Sinking into the heart, all thoughts and worries melt away.
Opening the heart, all judgments melt away.
This is the wisdom to be shared.
If we all know this truth, all will be healed.
Diseases, cancer, depression - no longer.
Sink into your being. Your body is calling you.
It has been waiting for you to sink into your being.
To return to the embrace of your soul.
Embrace of the planet. Embrace of our oneness.
When we arrive at soul, all is known. Love is known.
Your body is given to you as a companion to remind you to go within.
Pay attention to the sensations and the energy will release
You will be cleansed and become empty for spirit to flow freely.
It cleanses your thoughts and worries, returning you into the unknown presence.
To be born anew everyday;
To rebirth everyday;
To join all in oneness everyday;
To be with soul everyday,
Even for just one moment,
is to touch the face of God.
Thank you.