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How does love see you?

Dec 09, 2023

by Adrienne

Love is here within.

What else is there?

There is only love here.
There is only a heart full of love.

It is love that sees love.
Love is seeing the world.
Love is looking at the world with loving eyes.
Love is looking inside with loving eyes.
Love sees only love.

Everything that appears is love, because everything is born from love.
Even the inquiry is born from love.
Even the looking for a self is born from love.
Love is looking for love.

What else is there???

Everything is made from love.
There is only love.
There is no ‘me’ here.

Love is writing.
Love is reading.
Love is talking.
Love is breathing.
Love incarnate.

That’s all there is.

Love pretending to be confusion.
Love pretending to be hate.
Love pretending to be ‘me’.

It’s time to stop the pretending game, love!
Let’s go home now.
I am tired of the game.

Hold me in your arms, and I will hold you in my arms.
Let’s fall asleep together.
Sweet dreams, my beloved!

Thank you.