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Being here now, what wants to be expressed?

Aug 29, 2023

by Surati


This speaks to the coming and going of images, sensations, stories, connections… all happening in the realm of “me” having a body and mind.

The narrative of a lifetime. The narrator commenting - all the while pure awareness, consciousness aware of itself weaving a mystical web, a tapestry we call if, existence, universe.

Simply falling back into the ordinariness of Being Here. Divine simplicity of brilliant spacious awareness. Like a prism reflecting colors and shapes in all directions, dancing in the Light.

Such playfulness becomes available when abandoning the weight of reason and responsibility, time and limitations. Where do we go from here? Into gibberish, laughter, abandoning self image, self importance, self-centered navel gazing.

What if the universe doesn’t revolve around me?! It so obviously doesn’t and yet the part in need of such a belief keeps coming back to it. What else is an ego going to do? This is the game, the play, the movie, the never-ending story which does not have to end as nothing Real depends on it. Unraveling what never existed in the first place.

Thank you.