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An Expression of Love

Oct 02, 2021

by Melanie Gussmann

Life wants me to know that eveything is ok
All is well
All expression is an expression of love
The more words you know the better and clearer you can express yourself When your intention is love it will entlighten the dark spots,

even if your vocabulary is limited
Love can use every form of expression
like all flowers are different but all of them express their beauty
You couldn`t say that one flower is more capable of expressing beauty than any other Your expression is unique, like everybodies expression is
the message is always the same
either LOVE or the surch for LOVE
inhaling or exhaling
traveling or returning home
getting lost or being found
seperated – runited
all an expression of LOVE
through all the variety of LIFE

Breath with it
Flow with it
Inhale and Exhale
don`t worry about details
let the beauty of your life unfold naturally

Trust the love that you are


Photo by Elspeth Kerr